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What happens if my child's teeth are overcrowding?

Our pediatric dentists are passionate about your child’s dental health and always want to make sure their teeth are coming in correctly, which is why we recommend early orthodontic evaluations in Northborough, MA.

How Orthodontics Can Help Your Child girl with braces | Orthodontics in Northborough MA

If your child is evaluated early, we may be able to put in space retainers to make sure permanent teeth erupt properly.

Orthodontics, including extractions, may also help with an overcrowding situation. 

When teeth are overcrowded, it can delay or compromise speech development, cause teeth grinding, create bite problems, and compromise their oral health heading into adulthood.

Our top pediatric dentists have a lot of experience with overcrowding and can create a treatment plan to help.

In older teens, we often use Invisalign clear braces to straighten teeth that are crooked due to overcrowding.

Invisalign clear braces are a series of aligners that are custom designed to fit your child’s mouth. These aligners are changed out every few weeks to gradually correct crooked and overlapping teeth.

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