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How safe is sedation dentistry?

Patients who suffer from severe stress or anxiety when visiting the dentist sometimes consider sedation dental options to help ease them into their dental visit. If you are a patient like this, consider the benefits of conscious sedation to make the visit to your dentist in Northborough easier to sit through.

There is some risk with every type of sedation; however, sedation dentistry is generally considered safe for most patients, both children and adults.

There are different kinds of sedation available to patients who visit our office. First, we have conscious sedation, during which the dentist will administer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to put the patient at ease. The patient stays awake during the procedure but is left in a passive state, making the experience easier and more relaxing.

This form of sedation dentistry carries the lowest risk.

More effective forms of sedation may be available to patients. Upon request, we can arrange for patients to receive general sedation through an anesthesiologist from Boston Children's Hospital at Lexington.

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Sedation dentistry can revolutionize your dental office experience.

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