White Fillings and Sealants in Northborough, MA

family smiling with dental fillings in northborough ma Working with kids to show them the benefits of great oral health is what we do best at our dentist office in Northborough, MA. We know that, as parents, you are also proactive with your child’s dental care. You help them brush properly, maintain regular dental visits, and make sure they follow a healthy diet.

But the potential for problems still exists, and when they occur, we need to address them quickly to protect your child’s dental health. Monitoring the development of baby teeth is especially important. These teeth will eventually be lost, but losing a tooth too early can lead to problems with crowding and misalignment of permanent teeth.

Healthy White Fillings in the 01532 Area 

At different stages of development, your child may have baby teeth, permanent teeth, or a combination of both. In any case, if your child develops a cavity, we need to remove the decay and fill the tooth. At Northborough Children’s Dentistry, we use white fillings, a conservative and healthy choice for dental repairs.

Composite fillings bond securely to the tooth so that less tooth structure needs to be removed to place a strong, durable filling. White fillings are especially appropriate for young children because the material sets up quickly.

Since your child’s comfort is our top priority, we offer gentle WaterLase dentistry. WaterLase uses dental lasers and a cool stream of water to remove decay without drilling. Tooth decay can be targeted precisely while leaving surrounding areas unaffected. Since the process is so comfortable, most simple fillings do not require the use of anesthesia.

White fillings are also a great choice for adults. They offer the same benefit of preserving healthy tooth structure, but they also look natural and can be made to closely match the shade of your teeth. This allows us to create an aesthetic repair that is virtually unnoticeable.

Protective Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a thin coating of plastic material that is applied to a chewing surface of the back teeth to act as a barrier that prevents decay by “sealing out” plaque and food. Sealants are highly recommended for children and are advantageous for adults as well. Many insurance companies cover the cost of sealants, so please contact our office if you need more details.

Permanent first and second molars particularly benefit from the application of dental sealant. We recommend sealants for children at age 6, when their first molars usually appear, and at age 12, when their second molars come in. Sealants can also be used on baby teeth if your dentist finds that your child is at high risk for developing cavities.

Skilled Northborough Dental Care With a Gentle Touch

Our team is made up of experienced, caring professionals who truly have your child’s best interests at heart. We are here because we love treating kids and watching them grow up with strong, healthy teeth.

If you would like to arrange a visit with your child for their next cleaning and exam, please contact our Northborough dental office.