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Does teeth whitening at my dentist get better results?

Teeth whitening in Northborough, MA, is among the best places to start when looking to improve your smile. The process is straightforward, non-invasive, and cost-effective compared to other cosmetic dental treatments. However, if you’ve tried an over-the-counter teeth whitening treatment you bought at the local grocery store, you’re likely not as impressed with the results as you’d hoped.

This disappointment is because all of these systems are generic in how they fit. This makes their already weak whitening gels even less effective. Professional teeth whitening performed by your Northborough dental team has numerous advantages over the alternatives.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Convenient and Strong

When you have us whiten your teeth, we begin with a thorough dental cleaning so that your teeth start as clean as possible. Then, we use professional-strength whitening formulas that are more effective than what you buy at the store. Finally, we offer two options for your convenience:

  • Professional Take-Home Whitening – For patients who want to whiten on their schedule and watch the results more over time, we provide take-home whitening kits. We start with impressions of your mouth so that your whitening tray will fit snugly, keeping more of our whitening formula evenly against your teeth.
  • In-Office Teeth Whitening – If you’d like to see immediate results in one treatment, we can tailor your teeth whitening specifically for you. We start by protecting your gums and lips and then carefully apply our in-office gel to cover your teeth evenly. We then set a special curing light in your mouth, activating the whitening agents. Many patients experience whitening results up to eight shades brighter.

Schedule Teeth Whitening Treatment in Northborough

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