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How long do dental sealants last?

Preventive dental treatments are among the most important parts of children’s dentistry, especially when protecting their incoming molars and other back teeth. These particular teeth are susceptible to tooth decay because they have more grooves and ridges where plaque-causing bacteria may congregate, and their locations make them harder to clean. So when your family dentist in Northborough applies dental sealants, you can expect the treatment to remain most effective for between two and four years.

Dental sealants work because the thin layer of plastic-like material flows into the grooves and ridges to create a barrier between your child’s tooth enamel and food debris, plaque, and other build-ups.

At What Age Are Dental Sealants Most Effective?

Our assessment at Children’s Dentistry of Northborough begins when your child’s first teeth appear. We can tell if they are more prone to tooth decay than other children at this time. We will monitor your child’s baby teeth at regular visits to assess their tooth enamel and other factors that might indicate their need for additional preventive treatments.

However, we will wait until your child’s molars have erupted, which begins around age six, and by age 12, their permanent second molars should arrive. We may elect to use dental sealants throughout this process to counteract cases where your child is at high risk for developing cavities.

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